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Okami stamp by Boarfeathers a sexy watanuki by Selenio
Reality Check by OokamiKasumi BakeMonoGitari Stamp by OokamiKasumi No Good Stamp by sailorlight22 Discussions begin with Questions - Stamp by OokamiKasumi
RenPy stamp by OokamiKasumi
My favorite, Favorite, FAVORITE movie:
Despicable Me Stamp by LoudNoises Despicable Cannon by azianwolfdoll Gru's Evil Plan Stamp by the19thGinny Gru Stamp by the19thGinny Sleepy Kittens by azianwolfdoll The Wrath Of Gru by azianwolfdoll
MegaMind Stamp by DemoniumAngel Megamind stamp by Folly854 STAMP - Megamind and Minion by Roack
Dexter Stamp by BelieveInMagic Dexter Stamp by almanah Dexter Morgan Stamp by Nitroanarchygirl Sleepy Hollow by o-BlueMoon-o Sleepy Hollow Stamp by lil-richo Shhh... by Pancho-Girl
American McGee Alice Fan Stamp by Annortha Cheshire Cat stamp by Okami-Moony Smile_Stamp by Eternal-BlueWolf
:thumb77078779: Iruka - wtf? by fractured-hate Ibiki Stamp by Dark-moonlight69 Stamp - Natsume Yuujinchou 2 by Suxinn Hellsing stamp by artalis Hellsing stamp by cirruswolf Stamp: Hanna by ego Studio Ghibli Fan by Sharkfold Sfeer Theory: Stamp RED by lonewined Wolf's Rain Stamp by Hiddencrying Jaegerkin by BlauStamps Girl Genius Logo by ladyphenyx
xxxHOLiC stamp by darkweiss Watanuki + Doumeki Stamp by kathynorrisart Watanuki Kimihiro stamp by kurokimashin
June yaoi manga stamp by EmotionlessBlue Tyrant Stamp by arai-chuusei Yaoi+shonen-ai support stamp by luperus Naono Bohra Stamp by OokamiKasumi Asami Tojo Fan - Stamp by o0littlehands0o Finder by Yukiko-art
When I Die by stamps-of-yore GOT IT?? by Mellow-Stamps Just Wait by Sergeant-McFluffers Makes the World go 'Round by 1stClassStamps Stamp - Equal Hentai by foxlee Stamp0000188 by o0Cynical0o Pull your pants up by Sergeant-McFluffers

Author Stamp by Pockaru Research Stamp by Luthrai Writer Stamp by AkatsukiMemberWoolfy Bare Bear Stamp by MicaSilverwind Word by Sergeant-McFluffers Stamp - Character Cruelty Zone by Fullmetal-Phantom It's Not the Size of the Book by phantom-inker I do believe in commas by greaterorlessthan Punctuation stops cannibalism. by Eiikare Inspiration Strikes when... by Qinni Villains Stamp by Spikytastic
Science + Fiction by OokamiKasumi Critique by OokamiKasumi Hug your Beta-Reader? by OokamiKasumi No Head-hopping by OokamiKasumi Evil 'As' by OokamiKasumi Smut Artist by OokamiKasumi Smut Writer by OokamiKasumi




OokamiKasumi's Profile Picture
Ookami Kasumi
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Age: Over 30.
Sex: Yes, please.
Gender: Female
Occupation: Professional Author

This the the writer-artist OokamiKasumi from LJ, Yaoi Gallery, LiquidEros, and the LemmaSoft forum. Don't expect too much from me here. Most of my stories and art are way too adult for this place. If you want to see what I can really do, look me up on the other sites.

This account is merely to post my writing Tutorials, search for Photoshop resources, and browse the occasional art piece.

Current Residence: NC, USA
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Art Nouveau
Personal Quote: "I can resist anything--but temptation."

...I am wondering, do you want to read the next story I post either here or elsewhere? -- Friendly Amateur Writer

Thank-you for the invitation, but I don't do critiques. I am much, much too harsh a judge of fiction. I've made published authors cry after posting my opinion of their work. Seriously! One NYT's bestselling author still hates my guts. Mainly because her editor told her --on a public forum-- that I was Right.

The other problem is that I Absorb what I read and Use It later, especially if the idea is Good. Worse... I won't remember where the idea came from.

NEVER let a professional author read your unpublished work. All of us are Scavengers looking for a good idea. It's not deliberate! It's just a side-effect of the job.
Sorry to bother you guys with this, but...
 -- Some of you may have noticed, I've been out of the loop for a little while. It's because I've been having a rather nasty incursion of 'life,' and it's getting in the way of my writing. To be specific, I've been having so much trouble paying my bills lately I haven't had any time to write, or even come up with new writing tips.

I apologize for even asking, but I could really use a bit of help to get out of the hole I fell into. As any artist knows, it's really hard to be creative when you're about to lose the roof over your head.

If you can spare a couple dollars, I have a GoFundMe donation account

If you can't spare it, I understad, seriously, but if you can pass the word (even if it's just on on Facebook,) I'd really appreciate it.  

Thank you.

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Daily Deviations!

:icondd-catalogue: From Idea to STORY
----- Original Message -----
How do you develop an idea? How do you come up with the details behind stories? Do you get them from reading books? Do you get them from modern concepts? Or do they just come to you (if so, lucky you XD)? How do you develop the world in which it takes place? People or settings first? Do you include cults/religions/mass groups? How do you come up with these groups?
-- Thoughtful Writer
In other words, what you want to know is:
How do you build a Story from an Idea?
Let's begin by breaking this huge pile of questions down to smaller, bite-sized pieces...
How do you develop an idea?
I start with a Climactic Event.
-- My ideas may originate from anything at all; from a piece of music to a picture I saw on the 'net, but to make a Story from those ideas I start with What I Want to Happen at the very heart of my story -- a central Climactic/Crisis Event. I t

From Idea to STORY
by OokamiKasumi
Continuing on with her popular literature hints and tips series OokamiKasumi gives more excellent advice with From Idea to STORY don't forget to check out the rest of the series! ( Featured by Elandria )
Given 2015-05-13

:icondd-catalogue: Faery Tale a Visual Novel by OokamiKasumi
Faery Tale a Visual Novel
by OokamiKasumi
The suggester wrote: "This game is well thought out - easy to navigate, fun to play (some quite nice eye candy in there too) and all resource providers have been credited whether off-site or here on DA. The illustrations and layout are beautiful - the storyline(s) are contemporary with a slight macabre sprinkling of what I can only guess is inspired by The Grimm's Fairytales... You'll have hours of fun exploring each storyline and being awe-inspired by the hard work and attention to detail put into creating it."
(Suggested by zememz and Featured by Lyricanna)
Given 2010-06-10

:icondd-catalogue: The NonVerbal Thesaurus
Not spoken > Body Language.
Latin thesaurus, treasury, from Greek thesauros.
n. pl. the•sau•ri (-sôri) or the•sau•rus•es
1. A book of synonyms, often including related and contrasting words and antonyms.
2. A book of selected words or concepts, such as a specialized vocabulary of a particular field.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009.
Dialogue is VISUAL
-- Not just a bunch of words.

Watch the average conversation between two people. 90% of that conversation isn't in what's Spoken, it's in what they are DOING while they are speaking. It's in their Body Language. Body-language cues in your story alert the reader by SHOWING them what is going on in a character's head without Telling t

In her suggestion of The Non-Verbal Thesaurus by OokamiKasumi, PaperDart writes, "Her collection of writing guides are a goldmine for the aspiring author. All of her guides give sound, clear, well reasoned advice, but this guide to using body language in dialogue stood out to me especially as something about which we don't hear enough."
(Suggested by PaperDart and Featured by Memnalar)
Given 2011-06-20

:icondd-catalogue: GMC - SIMPLIFIED
"I am – I Need – I Desire…"
Goal, Motivation & Conflict - SIMPLIFIED

Goal, Motivation and Conflict seems to be the BIG MYSTERY of fiction writing. Everyone says that they're essential to good writing – and they're right, they are. Absolutely. But this stuff can be a little confusing.
Let's begin at the beginning…
-- What are all these things and why do stories need them?
Goal is what your character THINKS they are after.
Motivation is what makes them WANT to go after it.
Conflict is what Gets In Their Way.
-- Internal Conflict being ANGST or Drama.
-- External Conflict being the PLOT or Events.
The Plot (Events) Arc is the stuff that happens to the characters – the plotline. There are 5 basic stages in a Plot Arc:
1 - Inciting Event
2 - Challenge
3 - Crisis/Reversal
4 - Ordeal
5 - Confrontation
The Character (Drama) Arc is the complimentary (or contrary) stage of Ang

As this is Project Educate's Resources Week, give GMC - SIMPLIFIED by *OokamiKasumi a read for tips on discovering the goals, motivations, and conflicts of your characters which may impede them, all crucial to fiction writing.
(Featured by GwenavhyeurAnastasia)
Given 2010-12-05


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